Our Vision

Respect for the land and the landowner is a top priority in our organization. We focus on leasing high-quality land in our local area while improving the value, productivity, and appearance. We are dedicated to preserving and protecting the land we depend on for the benefit of ourselves and generations to come.

For Landowners

Our goal is to make your farm better than when we came to it by using sustainable farming practices that will benefit generations to come.  We provide personal care and attention to each individual farm we lease as though it was our own.  Some of the areas we are particularly concerned with are:

  • Soil conservation through no till farming and proper maintenance of water ways
  • Weed and insect resistance management
  • Land beautification-mowing farmsteads regularly, weed management, and field border trimming
  • Maintaining soil fertility at recommended levels or better
  • Intensive crop management, striving for the highest yields possible
  • Farm service agency and crop insurance records maintenance so that yield history is accurate, available programs are enrolled in and all USDA requirements are met.
  • Use of the latest technology to increase efficiency and productivity
  • The option to share crop or cash lease

Go the extra mile… It’s never crowded.   – Author Unknown